You should be dead. But you were found worthy of more. A Deathlord, elder servant of Oblivion and one of the unquestioned masters of the Underworld, gave you a choice to live on as his Exalted vassal. He taught you the power of death and your new necrotic essence. He forged you into a mighty weapon, so that together, you might end Creation, fulfill your mutual fealty to the Neverborn, and rule without limit until the literal end of time.

For many of you, that man was the Silver Prince. You were born in his religion, the New Order, and were presented to the Neverborn deep in the tenth Bolgia where your dreaming-dead masters pronounced you worthy scions of Oblivion. He treated you with respect and furnished you with much soulsteel, but events have lead to your abandonment of the New Order, along with the favor of your once-Lord. Now you are alone in a world where solitude is danger and the Void evermore calls to you with a promise of peace and rest. The court of Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears has received you warmly, but is she any different from the heirophant of Skullstone? Much remains to be told.


First off, make a character page for your PC. Don’t worry about tags, I’ll put them on. Pick a portrait of a person/actor you’d like to play your character if there was a movie made, someone who could capture the essence of the character. From there, go nuts with the editing; it’s a wiki so feel free to put up anything you want. The Grotto is a location on the wiki, I especially encourage you to add details to that. Just don’t be a dick about it, cause I can’t retrieve any deleted anything.

About character page layout. Under short description, put something like your character concept or motivation, a one-sentence summary of what your dude’s about. Under just plain description, that field’s for crunch/powers (a terrible name, I know. Can’t change it). Go as specific as you’d like; I left it vague for NPCs to preserve some mystery. Everything else, huck under Bio. Check out the NPC pages for an idea of the layout I’m going for.


Adding to the wiki is worth bonus XP! Hooray! To garner this reward, put at least one paragraph-ish of new information onto any part of the site, and BAM! 1 XP. This can be done between EACH game, so sweet dog. Create a new page with some barebones information? BAM. Add an NPC that I didn’t detail? BAM. Add to a location with your own character’s actions/something I forgot? BAM.

I don’t expect you to get every piece of information down (especially when it comes to NPCs), I just want to add a concrete incentive to add to the wiki. After all, if a 3 point stunt is worth an XP for enhancing our game, so should content generation.

Payment of Existence

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