Payment of Existence

Final Stand

Paving the Way for Achiba

Following Achiba’s battle plans, the players marched to the East, to the northern border of the territory of Tel’Oran. On the way, they got the aid of Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty as well as experimenting with activating the First Age constructs. Most are in disrepair, and of the ones still in shape, it seems likely they’ll only respond to a Solar.

The battle ensued, with a battle of kill counts between the Abyssals and Tysvar Ty. Rapidly the warrior displayed his trickery, as his army would only maim the enemy ghosts, leaving the killing blow only for their leader. In this way he racked up far more kills than anyone. Lament of Blessings Lost took advantage by sniping kills, but the contest ended when Guide to Journey’s End tried to disarm his competitor. He withdrew, and called the contest off entirely.

The warlord of the dead beastmen, Tel’Oran, emerged to challenge the three Abyssals to combat with his three best fighters: himself, Sacha Twin-Rivers, and Noble Yedim. Parties were shocked to see each other again all around, the Lunars having thought the Fell safe from the influence of Deathlords. The fight went on until Guide and Tel’Oran were standing, at which point the latter surrendered for lack of essence. All the blows were pulled, so no Exalt died. The beastmen surrendered to Achiba’s army, and so the day was won.


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