Payment of Existence

In the Mountains

Wait, you...

In the year it would take to upgrade the Harbinger with her full complement of weapons, Guide to Journey’s End took up his burden to go see The Most Divine in the Northern Wyld. After tracking down her kidnapping activities, they managed to stage themselves as victims, and won free transportation to Mount Shifsa, her dwelling place.

Guide thought that the two Fair Folk might be re-united, as their falling out was caused by the late Scarlet Empress and the Defense Grid. Unfortunately, the terms of the encumbrances placed on Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty prevented him from coming into the Wyld willingly. The circle lured him out of his underground lair in Marama’s Fell, and carried him via behemoth back to the mountain.

After much discussion, of which the circle was not privy, the two set aside past greviances to unite to destroy Creation. Tysvar Ty still holds the debt unfulfilled, as Guide did not follow his instructions to kill The Most Divine, and will call on it in the future.


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