Payment of Existence

Marama's Hatred

Pain Becomes You

At the Grotto, the Abyssals dealt with the Circus Moribund seeking entry to Vakingrad. A deal was struck that they could perform only the censored play edited together byOrzam. The Melkin Fool in Red was disappointed, but performed anyway.

The group then traveled to Marama’s Fell, where they met Ruined Mantle of Grace, a Minikin ghost. After rapidly defeating him, he took them to see Thrice-Dead Achiba and his golem, Nameless Man of Iron. Achiba accepted their terms of aid from Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears, and presented the forces arrayed against him.

The Abyssals, thinking that control of the Manse would give them an edge, traveled to the far north of the shadowlands. There they met the Hundred Nightmare Army, a mercenary company based in the Labyrinth. They granted passage to the Manse and there they met a formidable Defense Grid. With the use of his Resistance charms and careful management of his Essence, Lament of Blessings Lost claimed the Manse as his, and returned with two hearthstones.


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