Payment of Existence

Statistical Outliers

Ten Thousand What Now?

Storm of Grim Harvest won a minor victory against the Vinthar Alliance. The ghosts he took prisoner were not eager to see Thrice-Dead Achiba rise to power, thus ending their gang warfare forever. Many spirits here would like to see their battle repeated on and on, it seems.

The Abyssal circle visited Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty in his underground base, where they learned he cannot accept any alliance for past reasons left ill-explained. He did agree to compete on the battlefield in a challenge of body count with the circle, but that isn’t an alliance.

Well played, deathknights.

Finally, a fellow Abyssal took the circle, sans Ten-Scalpel Adharma, to the Hidden Tabernacle. There they met The Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurdible, who was concerned about consolidation of the Fell. He asked the circle to work to make inroads for his priests to preach the Shining Path, and to warn Achiba about approaching the Lover face to face, as her charms would overwhelm him. They agreed, and an open offer of instruction in a martial art was offered. After the meeting, the Abyssal Ten Thousand Virtues escorted them out.


hoobajoo hoobajoo

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