Payment of Existence

Touching Base

Chattin' It Up

A few things needed wrapping up in the Fell before the circle could leave. The Hundred Nightmare Army was sent away with the letter given to you by The Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurdible. Guide to Journey’s End spoke to an upset Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty and agreed that he had cheated in their contest, and offered his service. Tysvar Ty tasked him with killing The Most Divine, a Raksha in the Northern Wyld, sometime within a year and a day.

With that, the Circle headed back to The Grotto and were given a hearty welcome by its inhabitants. Isa was there, and asked to live in the shadowlands, despite Dorn’s laws to the contrary. Her request was granted. Secondly, Weeping Raiton Cast Aside appeared from a door either unknown or newly created and spoke with the Abyssals about their intentions and attitudes. With a final question on Sophist of the Red Sight, she was gone.

After three months, it was time to sail to the Vale of Dust and Shadow to meet with Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. There they witnessed the ghosts of the Tear Eater’s tribe, a nearby barbarian people, offer themselves to be made into soulsteel for the Lover, and asked only that after they had outlived usefulness, they be cast into the Void. The Lover agreed, with an air of familiarity.

The circle spent a week in the Vale, with Lament being the only one to not sleep with the Lover. During this time Exquisite Pain, a daybreak of Lover Clad’s, drew up plans to add First Age weaponry to the Harbringer. They metTerrifying End-Times Malediction during this time, who offered work from his master once his work in the Vale was concluded. He also delivered a message from The Mistress with the White Hands, sending pleasantries and an invitation to stay in Stygia at their next convenience.


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