Guide to Journey's End



Sweet Melee Charms and high DVs


Guide’s mother died giving birth to him. His older brother and father blamed him for his mother’s death. His father died of the skick. His brother abused him, until a fight ultimately led to his brothers death with blame being placed upon both Guide and a stone stairway. Guide was raised on the Bodhisattva’s religion. When he was old enough Guide took a job that led him to Coral and had brief contact with the Cult of the Illuminated. While not a true believer he held a small talisman as a symbol of hope for a better life. Members of House Peleps saw him with his trinket on Coral and killed him before they could get information out of him and it was then he was offered the Black Exaltation. He determined that life was just a series of cruel events and ongoing suffering and decided to help people who didn’t have the courage to end the viscous cycle themselves and that only ghosts have worthwhile lives. He has since turned on that idea and now aims to remove unnecessary mortal suffering as well.

Guide to Journey's End

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