Anjei Marama

Sadistic Exalt of the Shogunate


Former leader of Marama’s Fell, who instigated the horrors there.

Was a Dragon-Blooded of great Essence and power. Not known to command any Sorcery or Martial Arts.

Influential in the Usurpation.

Killed in the Great Contagion.


Marama was a terrible woman, who in the First Age resented the dominion of the Solars. Unlike many of her fellows in the Usurpation, she did not desire suffrage. All she wished was revenge; sadly for her, the murder of the God-Kings of Creation happened rapidly. It had to; to linger would allow a superior foe to consolidate.

She settled for unleashing his centuries-old hate on the progeny of the Solars. Crafted races, Half-Caste, automatons, any sentience that might have some loyalty left to the rulers of the Age of Dreams were driven into camps, and Marama happily volunteered to lead one. She reveled in her work, slowly exhausting his captives. She would see to expert medical treatment for the interned, simply to prolong their suffering at her hands.

Relocation Camp 17, along with its ruler, were finally wiped out in the wake of the Great Contagion. A recording of Marama’s personality still exists, preserved in her Manse.

Anjei Marama

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