The Dual Monarchy

Rulers of Stygia


Controls the calendar of Setesh, which guides time and seasons in the Underworld.

The rulers of Stygia, and direct controllers of the district Monarch’s Way.

They receive prayers and offerings multiple times daily from the residents of Stygia. What excess that isn’t used to power the Calendar is theirs.

Ultimate masters of the Jade Effigy Army, the automaton police force of Stygia.

May bi-locate, as each monarch has a male and female side.


The Dual Monarchy is a single entity made up of four aspects: white and black, male and female. They are always encountered as a pair. They lead all meetings of the Stygian council and arbitrate the formal meetings of Deathlords since the Contagion. No one knows for sure what they are; theories range from Solar ghosts slain in the Primordial War to hekatonkhire, but their concern for the ghostly condition and sorcerous accomplishments are agreed upon by all. There aspects are as follows:

Ursine – the male White Monarch. He controls the Monarch’s Way district, the Jade Effigies, and the panopoly of wealth that the prayers provide them.

Eset – the female White Monarch. Has an immense insight into the Neverborn’s whispers, and is respected by spectres everywhere. Has some command over the storms of the Underworld.

Setesh – the male Black Monarch. He is best known as the inventor and master of the Calendar of Setesh, and is the most famous of all the individual aspects.

Nebthys – the female Black Monarch. She knows a vast number of secrets and prophecies, regarding both the Underworld and Creation. Some say she has heard every dying word ever uttered since the First Age.

The Dual Monarchy

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