The Mistress with the White Hands

Great Mistress of Stygia


Is the ruler of the District with Bone Lanterns, and sits on the Stygian Council.

Possesses a great deal of Arcanoi, and uses them to further her seductions, if necessary.


The Mistress controls not only her district, but many of its establishments, including it’s most profitable establishment, the House of Dolls. She caters to all tastes, vices, and clientelle, but not personally. She dallies these days only with those she takes interest in personally. She is a quiet, secretive woman who prefers listening to talking. She is known as an excellent advisor and confidant, and is said to know more secrets about the denizens of Stygia than any save the Dual Monarchy. The security and reputation of her district are her paramount concerns.

The Mistress with the White Hands

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