Occultist Steeped in Vile Apocrypha

Apocalyptic Sorcerer


Owns the soulsteel Grand Grimscythe Whispered Denouncement.

Commands a mastery over Sorcery beyond any Deathlord, and only Lover Clad and Dowager know more Necromancy.

Retains all knowledge he had of First Age Manse construction, and owns demeanses vastly out of proportion to his other holdings.

Knows Celestial Monkey Style, Violet Bier of Sorrows Style, Hungry Ghost Style, and is rumored to know some Siderial styles.


Occultist is a recluse, spending most of his unlife in his tower west of Stygia, the Nephandic Eudaimonia. He says little of his ultimate plans, other than it is the most “elegant and certain” of any Deathlord’s plan. Critics say the Occultist is being vague to hide his lack of a plan, whereas others are more suspicious.

Before the shattering of the Jade Prison, the Occultist had to curry favor with other Deathlords to get information about Creation or specific resources, as he never lived in a Shadowlands. With his new Abyssal servants, he has become much more vocal in his objections to the plans and personal failings of his twelve peers. He is especially critical of Mask of Winters for Thorns, as well as the very notion of “conquering” Creation.

Occultist Steeped in Vile Apocrypha

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