Terrifying End-Times Malediction

Necromancer Talent Scout


Commands Void Circle Necromancy.

Is an expert in geomancy and shadowlands.

Uses a Powerbow in combat.


Terrifying End-Times Malediction is the chief agent of the Occultist Steeped in Vile Apocrypha, a Daybreak of utmost skill. He was not allowed to leave his master’s domain until he had learned all the secrets of Necromancy. With this investment of time into his protege, the Occultist furnished Malediction with much soulsteel and several demeanses; enough to make any Abyssal envious.

Malediction is very sure of himself, and is honest about his strengths and weaknesses. He speaks kindly to other servants of Oblivion, but tends to condescend to anyone else.

Terrifying End-Times Malediction

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