Weeping Raiton Cast Aside

Voice of the Neverborn


She is said to be unkillable, much like the Deathlords themselves.

Has an intimate connection to the Whispers, bordering on clairvoyance when it comes to the affairs of Oblivion.


Weeping Raiton Cast Aside claims no fealty to any Deathlord, nor will any one claim credit for Exalting her. As she says, she was chosen by the Neverborn as a group as their direct agent. She only appears when agents of Oblivion, generally two Deathlords, are in direct conflict. She plays mediator, if the two sides wish it, and is held in high respect. Her agreements are always reasonable, if not advantageous to both parties. After a resolution is met, she is gone as abruptly as she arrived.

Aside from her role as mediator, she is rarely seen.

Weeping Raiton Cast Aside

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