Thrice-Dead Achiba

Fell Ghost of Exceptional Ambition


Commands a whole quarter of the Shadowlands Marama’s Fell.

Is the ghost of a crafted race, ideal for gladiatorial combat.

Has several Soulsteel weapons and armor.


Resembling a scorpion, spider, panther, and wolf combined with a man, Achiba was a member of a race of men designed to be the perfect warriors of the High First Age. During the Shogunate, he lived in the Relocation Camp 17, where he was killed in the protracted genocide held there, lead by Marama. Now, he has united more of the gangs of Marama’s Fell than any ghost in history, including the Deathlords. This dominion has defined the shadowlands, as what he does not control has galvanized into an alliance against him. He is a gruff, impatient man, but he is not unwise or rude; he knows with time victory will be his, and it is better to be loved than feared. Nothing wrong with being feared though.

Thrice-Dead Achiba

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