Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears

Deathlord of Politics and Pleasure


Owns the soulsteel rapier Siren in Avern.

Is a master of several Celestial martial arts, including Snake Style, Ebon Shadow Style, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style and her own invention, Laughing Wounds Style.

She knows Celestial Circle Sorcery and Void Circle Necromancy. Her mastery over the latter is almost unrivaled, and is matched by a profound understanding of Necrotech and Magitech.

She also possesses the Mirror of Darkness. Its origins are mysterious, but it is commonly known that to look upon it is to doom oneself to an eternity of torment. Lover Clad is either immune, or simply strong enough to resist its pull.

She created the noble warstrider Hateful Devourer of Love, but it was stolen by Lookshy, and there it sits.


Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears dwells in a small Shadowlands in the kingdom of Gradafes. In the Fortress of Red Ice she plays host to endless entertainments and carnal delights. Some say the Lover is a dilettante, or a whore, and they would be right. Whether she is more than that is the real mystery. Whatever the case, she treats her Abyssals well, and has shown a knack for assigning them to areas of personal strength, which makes her stable of Deathknights very effective. Her main areas of focus are the Circus Moribund and the Tear Eater tribes, though the latter tend to focus more on her than the other way around.

She commands many powerful servants through her natural allure and potent charms and artifacts. Her notable servants include Melkin Fool in Red, Martyr to the Last Rest, Exquisite Pain, Ten-Scalpel Adharma, Prince of Shadows, and even a few Solars who have shared her bed.

Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears

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