The Silver Prince

Deathlord of Skullstone


In combat, he uses the Grand Daiklaive Howler in Darkness as well as high-level martial arts. Knows Violet Bier of Sorrows style, among others.

He knows all Abyssal charms and Arcanoi, including Celestial Circle Sorcery and Void Circle Necromancy.

He has an unrivaled information network across Creation, and commands a large navy spearheaded by artifact ships of First Age design and Soulsteel construction.


He is the ruler of Skullstone, unquestioned lord of the Pillar of Blood, and an espouses a religion of co-operation between the living and the dead. His greatest enemies are the Lintha Pirates and the Realm, both of whom he is eager to crush and replace as the dominant naval power of the world. He is at all times polite and collected. He is a handsome man, wearing soulsteel robes as well as an ornate mask for formal occasions. He is the former lord of all the players of Part I.

Prominent servants include Moray Darktide, Ebon Siaka, and Unfolding Corpse-White Lotus.

The Silver Prince

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