Sophist of the Red Sight

Renegade in Hiding


Has jade articulated plate, and fights with a powerbow conjured out of essence.

Has many athletics charms. Possesses powerful archery combos as well as a dodge perfect defense.

Owns his own Monstrance of Celestial Portion; he hides it well.


Not all died when Princess Magnificent sent her knights into a suicide mission at Great Forks. Sophist sensed that if his lord’s plan went sour, he would surely die. The night before he was to be sent out to his death, he stole his Monstrance, and once the battle was lost, he fled far away from the East.

Years later, he was found in the employ of Lintha Pirates in the Underworld. He was forced to abandon his post with them after receiving grievous wounds under assault from the Silver Prince’s deathknights. Afterwards, he was hunted by those same knights, until they found him hiding in the Wyld with his newfound lunar mate. Last he was seen, he promised under the power of a Moonshadow Oath, to never interfere in the machinations of the Neverborn in exchange for an end to hostilities between the deathknights and himself.

Sophist of the Red Sight

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