The Most Divine

Feral Queen of the Northern Wyld


Commands a powerful flying behemoth.

Was a member of the Balorian Crusade.

Created Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty.


The Most Divine is an elder Raksha of considerable power and status. She ran into Creation in the Balorian Crusade with behemoths and other Fair Folk of her design in tow. Now she is considerably diminished; only one powerful behemoth remains, a black bird of tremendous size. It flies in the far north of Creation, occasionally kidnapping those who dare to walk at night. There have been occasional survivors, only in the summer months, and they only survive by the wishes of The Most Divine herself.

She is currently engaged in rallying the disparate Church of Balor into a second Crusade, following the return of her prodigal son, Tysvar Ty.

The Most Divine

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