Raksha About Creation


Knows World-Devouring Warlord Style, at least up to the form.

Knows the Assumption of Bone and Cerement, as well as Mad God Mien.

Has an impressive panopoly, including Gossamer weapons and armor and a created retinue.


As warrior and diplomat of King Melchior, a minor Raksha king near the city of Barge, Torgen is frequently sent out of the Wyld for reasons he is rarely privy to. He has good relations with the Lintha Pirates as well as the Silver Prince, being very careful to present each alliance as an alliance of convenience to the other party. He has a fondness for the labors of Creation and the Underworld, though the idea of actually performing labor disgusts him. He is quick to fight and quick to forgive, and takes defeat with grace and poise.

He had a son, until he was killed in a skirmish with the Harbinger and her crew.


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