Noble Yedim

Stalwart Defender


Commands Deadly Beastman Transformation, as well as a Moonsilver Grand Grimcleaver.


Noble Yedim was born in the North, and was betrothed to Sacha Twin-Rivers by their chieftain. The two Exalted on the same night; the very same night the Deathlords shattered the Jade Prison. Luna came and told him of the timing of these events, and taking it as a sign, Yedim set out with his wife to search for his reborn Solar mate.

Things did not go as planned when a storm god told Yedim that his mate was in the Underworld. His fears were met when he finally caught up with his mate, Sophist of the Red Sight. Despite this, Yedim stands close to his mate. He was last seen guarding Sophist in the Wyld.

Noble Yedim

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