House Rules

No Merits/Flaws allowed.

Wound penalties do NOT apply to DVs.

Upon purchasing the charm for a circle of Sorcery/Necromancy/Protocol, the character gets one spell of that circle for free as part of purchasing that charm.

Righteous Devil Form additionally adds piercing to any in-style weapon used.

The Craft ability applies to ALL crafts, and only need be purchased once. To perform any type of craft other than elemental, one must have a corresponding specialty. E.g. Lover Clad may have Craft 5, but she also needs a specialty in Craft: Magitech to create any warstriders.

We’re just not using Mass Combat right now, pending a re-design of the system.


No weapon may, under any circumstances, have its speed reduced below 3.

“Grand” artifact weapons cost 4 points, not 3.

Adding piercing to any artifact increases the cost of the artifact by one point.

Grand Goremaul has a speed of 6, not 5. Conversely, Grand Grimvcleaver/Grimscythe have a speed of 5.

Beam Klaives cost one additional artifact point, not two. I don’t see this coming up much.

When building an artifact, charms may be added to the artifact as a special power. Each charm is added per extra dot, subject to ST approval. In general, the charm functions exactly like normal, has the same activation cost and duration, and does not count as a charm use. Some charms are too powerful or esoteric to add to weapons; these include any charm requiring 4 Essence or more, any charm that requires spending a willpower to use, and most supernatural martial arts.

House Rules

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