The Grotto

About fifty miles northeast of Vakingrad, up a small river connecting to the sea, lies a small shadowlands. It has come under the control of several deathknights, who have turned it from a minor threat to a meager dwelling place for the departed souls of Vikingrad. Ghosts are expected to fight off the hungry ghosts in the area, and are otherwise free to live their lives. They are, however, forbidden from entering Creation by Dorn, who fears for the consequences of the living meeting dead relatives face to face.

Guide has worked hard to make the place as nice as possible, but lacks many of the tools necessary. He has convinced Dorn to allow Vakingrad’s citizens to offer more to their honored dead. With help from Ten Scalpel Adharma slaves have been freed and allowed to live in Grotto to show Dorn that there are no ill effects. Guide wishes to turn Grotto into a place to rival Sijan.

There is a giant door to the labyrinth within Grotto. It was left by Weeping Raiton Cast Aside. Guide has explored within and found soulsteel ore not yet combined with ghosts.

An army from the labyrinth door attacked Grotto and it is no more. Lament and Guide intend to rebuild when they can.

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The Grotto

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